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Young Jammers Music Program

The Young Jammers, an original program conceived and developed by Christina Boyd in 2004 and co-directed with her husband, Lloyd Holdeman, until 2012, returned to it’s original format in the Spring of 2019.

How it works

The YJ mission is to bring music into the lives of young people by providing instruments, lessons, and jamming opportunities. Everything is free to the Jammers. The program is run by volunteers and supported by instrument donations so that any Jammer who does not have an instrument can use one of ours for as long as they are in the program.


**Due to Covid-19, classes have been suspended for the time being and will resume in September 2021. 

Classes are on a weekly basis every Monday night from 6:30 to 8:30. There is instruction and an opportunity to play music with other students. Classes are for one hour and parents are required to provide transportation and to remain on site while the Jammers participate.

Young folks from ages 9 to 15 (or close) will start by earning an “admissions pass.” They get this by strumming the I, IV, V chords on a ukulele in the keys of G, C, D, and A. We will provide the ukuleles, show the Jammer how to make the chords, and when they can make the chords changes smoothly – they are in.

Once in, the Jammer can pick an instrument from the YJ stock – a guitar, a fiddle, a mandolin, or a banjo. Beginning and intermediate lessons on these instruments will be given on a weekly basis by volunteer FFOTM instructors. Towards the end of every session, we will play tunes and sing songs from the bountiful heritage of Traditional music.

How You Can Help

We gladly accept instrument donations, which are maintained in the Young Jammers inventory and loaned out to Jammers for as long as they are in the program. Please contact if you have a donation. Thank you! 

How to Sign Up

For more information and to sign up for the program, please contact Lloyd Holdeman at

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