Young Jammers Program Returning to its Roots

The Young Jammers program is returning to the original format that was started in 2004 with the pioneer program coordinator, Lloyd Holdeman. Weekly free classes will begin happening soon for kids to get together and jam. This is about young folks making music with their friends. We have not established the weeknight or location yet, but the sessions will last for an hour. Parents will be required to provide transportation and to remain on site while the Jammers participate.

The first thing we need are Jammers. Young folks ages of 9-15 (or a little older or younger) will start by earning an “admissions pass”. They get this by strumming the I, IV, V cords on a ukulele in the keys of G, D and A. We will provide the uke, show the potential music maker how to make the cords, and when they can make the cord changes smoothly – they are in.

Once in, the Jammer can pick an instrument from the YJ stock – a guitar, a fiddle, a mandolin or a banjo. Beginning and intermediate lessons on these instruments will be given on a weekly basis by volunteer FFOTM instructors. Towards the end of every session, we will play and sing tunes from the bountiful heritage of Traditional music. We gladly accept instrument donations. What we need first is more ukuleles. Contact if you have a donation.

For more information and to sign up for the program contact Lloyd Holdeman:

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