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FFOTM is proud to have some home grown programs that enrich our members and the community at large. We have created two world-class festivals—Pickin’ in the Pines and The Flagstaff Folk Festival which have become destination events attracting performers, audiences and pickers from around the state and the nation.

Jams offer opportunities for passing on the oral tradition and are great places to work on your chops, and to learn to play and/or sing.

Dances are not only hugely fun, but contribute to the cultural enrichment of our community and the vitality of our mission. Dance your heart out to live music with an experienced caller. Or, join the band!

FFOTM members wanted to provide opportunities for the youth of our community to learn to play a musical instrument to enrich their lives and allow local musicians and FFOTM members to share their passion for music. The Young Jammers Program was started by Lloyd Holdeman and Christina Boyd to inspire a new generation by passing on this joy and love of traditional music.

And, who doesn’t love camping in the woods with the family, dog and your old Martin D18?

We always need lots of volunteers for these events so join FFOTM today.

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