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Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music hosts acoustic music jams of different styles for different levels, open to the public. Come and join in or let us help you start your own jam. Everyone is welcome regardless of your playing ability, unless specified otherwise (for example: advanced pickers only, or old-time musicians only). You can come and pick or you can just come and grin. (Listeners are always welcome.)Bring some songs to play or learn some new ones from your fellow jammers, based on the oral tradition. It’s always great if you can bring lyrics to pass out and be prepared to teach your song to the group. Simple songs in the folk, old-time and bluegrass genre are best, meaning avoid “jam busters” or songs with lots of chords or difficult progressions unless it is an advanced jam.

If you have a jam that fits under these guidelines, let us know and we will post it.

Check out our calendar for more details on these jams:

*Weekly Bluegrass Jam
*The Just Desserts Contra Dance
*FFOTM Campouts

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