UPDATE: New Organizers for 2018

The Flagstaff Folk festival has 2 new organizers that have stepped in to run the festival for 2018: Larry Peterson and Rebecca Cooke will be taking over the torch from Anne Wittke and Barry Malpas for the 17th Annual Flagstaff Folk Festival.

SAVE THE DATE: June 30–July 1, 2018

Thank you to our outgoing organizers Anne Wittke and Barry Malpas for your hard work and dedication to the Flagstaff Folk Festival!


Article from Anne and Barry from 2017:

Flagstaff Folk Festival organizers are stepping down & seeking new ideas.

Dear FFOTM Members,

I have enjoyed attending the Flagstaff Folk Festival for most of its years in existence, and Barry and I have enjoyed running the Flagstaff Folk Festival for the past 6 years. A few months ago we announced we were stepping down because we thought it was time for someone new to take it on (or take it on in a different form). We did not get any response, so as of this time it looks like the Flagstaff Folk Festival will not happen in 2018.  There were some discussions at the board meetings of how the festival might morph, but again, no one has expressed interest in running it.

There is a lot of competition from other festivals, and the weather is not always accommodating for an outdoor venue. What do members think?  Is it time to put the Festival to rest? We would welcome any feedback, and again, want to express thanks to everyone for helping it to happen each year, and attending it!  Please email any feedback to board@ffotm.org.


Anne Wittke and Barry Malpas

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