FFOTM Board Elections 2022

There are 6 seats open and 6 nominees for board elections. Only current FFOTM members may vote, one vote per member.

Thank you to our outgoing board member and Vice President, David Wayne for his 6 years of service and dedication on the FFOTM board.

Please vote for 6 seats.
Votes must be received by Jan 31, 2023.
There are 2 ways to vote:

  • Email your vote to: admin@ffotm.org
  • Mail to:
    PO Box 23366
    Flagstaff, AZ 86002

Nominees include:

  • Paisley Boone
  • Rebecca Cooke
  • Jim Cross
  • Rich D’Aloisio
  • Henry Kaldenbaugh
  • Mike Thompson

Candidate Bios:

Paisley Boone

Growing up in a home filled with music, Paisley Boone has always appreciated and understood music to be one of the great blessings of life. At 10 years of age she had her first taste of creating folk music when she received a fiddle in FFOTM’s Young Jammers program, and has loved the world of folk music ever since. Branching out and picking up multiple other instruments, she and her sister formed a bluegrass band with some friends, Route 66:2, and were blessed with opportunities to play at the Flagstaff Folk Festival and the Pickin’ in the Pines band contest. Learning and playing proved to be just the beginning of her journey with FFOTM, as she and her family have had the opportunity to volunteer at the Pickin’ in the Pines Bluegrass and Acoustic Music Festival. When Lloyd Holdeman revived the Young Jammers program to again offer volunteer taught lessons, he asked Paisley if she would be interested in teaching fiddle to beginner Jammers. Enthusiastically she said yes, seeing an opportunity not only to expand her skills to include teaching, but also to infuse the next generation of musicians with a love of making music with others. Serving on the FFOTM Board she has been able to invest in the community as well as expand FFOTM’s reach by reviving the FFOTM Community Contra Dance on the first Saturday of each month! She is excited to continue on the Board to bring traditional music into the community.

Rebecca Cooke

I consider myself more of a dancer and singer than a musician since I only picked the guitar up again a few years ago in order to accompany myself at open mic.. Also started playing the mandolin.I sang in the chorus of five shows with FLOC including The Sorcerer, HMS Pinafore, Pirates of Penzance, Annie, and Hello Dolly. I also sang and played rhythm bones with my Celtic band Pure Dead Brilliant for 7 years. We performed around town and at the Flagstaff Folk Festival, once as a tweener at Pickin in the Pines. I am also a Bard in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), which means I sing period type songs at events, around campfires, etc. I started running sound at the Flagstaff Folk Festival in 2010 in order to learn how to work with the equipment and hopefully transfer that knowledge to the band. I have run sound there every year since, including while organizing the Folk Festival, and learned a lot. I would like to be on the FFOTM board because as a former organizer for the Folk Festival I have found the meetings quite interesting.While I will no longer be organizing the Folk Festival, I will be assisting and offering advice from my experience. I like being part of the group that makes the decisions, and I think I can offer some insights at times.

Jim Cross

As a member of the FFOTM Board, I would like to introduce myself to those of you who do not know me. I am Jim Cross and have been involved with FFOTM for a number of years. I started with volunteering back-stage for the Pickin’ in the Pines starting around 2008. I also do sound and have done so at the Commercial Building during Pickin’ in the Pines for the last few years. I also play guitar and bass. Hope we have more concerts and fun in the future!

Rich D’Aloisio

Rich attended the University of Arizona and graduated in 1986 with a Chemical Engineering degree. After working for a few large corporations, Rich founded InterLink Engineering and grew the company from a spare room to 15 employees. Seventeen years later he sold the company to one of the engineering managers. Retirement has presented a unique opportunity to begin a new chapter. Since getting involved in the Flagstaff music scene and having so many nice experiences with bluegrass, he would like to assist with the FFOTM mission. To promote traditional and bluegrass music is a great cause, and helping more people appreciate the social and inclusive aspects of bluegrass, is why joining the board is a special opportunity to Rich. Experience in starting and operating a business has provided many opportunities for team building, problem solving and project management. Skills which should be useful to FFOTM. Rich is also happily married, has five children, six grandchildren, and spends his free time studying music and bluegrass guitar. Thank you very much for your consideration!

Henry Kaldenbaugh

Henry Kaldenbaugh is a retired Physician living in Camp Verde and a member of the board of directors of FFOTM for two terms. He was the Campground director at Pickin in the Pines for a decade and continues to volunteer in the campground. He also is in charge of the Singout Series where FFOTM posts music videos of members on the Facebook Page. Whether or not you vote for me, please consider sending a video of your favorite song {you singing of course} so we can share it with the FFOTM followers.

Mike Thompson

I grew up in West Virginia, the heart of Appalachia. I’ve always loved many types of music, but traditional was there in my roots. I still like to tune in when I go back there and listen to 2 people strumming and harmonizing to hold hymns live on the radio. When I moved to Flagstaff in 1996 I heard about the contra dance. I used to dance with MFOTM – Morgantown Friends of Old Time Music. From there I found the camp out, folk fest, and watched the birth of the bluegrass festival. Somewhere along the way I learned to strum a guitar so I could participate more. I appreciate all the good times FFOTM has given me and I’m happy to give back. I’m currently serving on the board and will be glad to continue doing so.

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