Elections in 2020: Only current FFOTM Members may vote, one vote per member.

Please vote for 2 seats. You can vote by mail or email.
Votes must be received by April 10, 2020.

  • Email your vote to: admin@ffotm.org
  • Mail to:
    PO Box 23366
    Flagstaff, AZ 86002

Nominees include:

  • Peter Bruce
  • Dr. Ken Collier

Candidate Bios

Peter Bruce has a career in Broadcasting from 1979-present, including 33 years at KAFF. He has had multiple emcee appearances and duties through the years, including Pickin’ in the Pines and Sedona Bluegrass Festival. Peter is a long time member of FFOTM. He is the host of 2 weekly roots/acoustic/folk music programs: Under Western Skies (Western music and cowboy poetry) & Blue Mountain (bluegrass, Americana, folk). He also hosts a local daily news/music/information radio show. Peter is a volunteer for various community organizations and a strong advocate for the local acoustic music scene. As board member, Peter would further the FFOTM agenda through his connections in media and government. Potential areas he could help with include marketing, Flagstaff Folk Festival and Pickin’ in the Pines. Peter would be honored to be on the board and have the flexibility to serve wherever needed.

Dr. Ken Collier is a 40 year resident of Flagstaff and a 10 year member of FFOTM. Ken is an active musician in the local music community with a special passion for roots, folk, and Americana music. He was formerly a lead guitarist in the blues band Have Mercy, and has been the mandolin and dobro player in the band High Nooners, who have played the Flagstaff Folk Festival, Flagstaff Folk Project, and competed the Pickin’ in the Pines band competition. Ken regularly plays bluegrass mandolin and Irish bouzouki in local jam sessions and actively participates in seasonal FFOTM campouts. Professionally speaking Ken was formerly an NAU computer science professor, and is currently a technical author, speaker, and technology consultant. Having greatly benefited from the efforts of current and previous FFOTM volunteers, Ken is eager to contribute his time and energy as a board member to help enable the ongoing growth and sustainability of FFOTM.

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