There are 5 nominees and 5 spots open for the FFOTM Board Elections in 2019. Only current FFOTM Members may vote, one vote per member. Votes must be received by Feb. 15, 2019.

Please vote for 5 seats. You can vote by mail or email.
Votes must be received by Feb. 15, 2019.

  • Email your vote to:
  • Mail to:
    PO Box 23366
    Flagstaff, AZ 86002

Nominees include:

  • Rebecca Cooke
  • Jim Cross
  • Dr. Henry Kaldenbaugh
  • Ted Nation
  • David Wayne

Rebecca Cooke 

Rebecca Cooke considers herself more of a dancer and singer than a musician, since she only picked the guitar up again about a year ago in order to accompany herself at open mic. She also started playing the mandolin a year ago.

She sang in the chorus of five shows with FLOC including: The Sorcerer, HMS Pinafore, Pirates of Penzance, Annie, and Hello Dolly. She also sang and played rhythm bones with her Celtic band Pure Dead Brilliant for 7 years. They performed around town, at the Flagstaff Folk Festival, and once as a tweener at Pickin in the Pines. She is also a Bard in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), which means she sings period type songs at events, around camp fires, etc.

She started running sound at the Flagstaff Folk Festival in 2010 in order to learn how to work with the equipment and hopefully transfer that knowledge to the band. Including this past year, when she was one of the organizers of the Festival, she has run sound there for 9 years and learned a lot.

Rebecca would like to be on the FFOTM board because as an organizer for the Folk Festival she needs to be at the meetings, and she found the rest of the meetings quite interesting. She likes being part of the group that makes the decisions, and she thinks she can offer some insights at times.

Jim Cross

Jim Cross was born Feb. 16, 1947 in Inglewood, California.  Jim moved around a lot because his dad was in the Air Force. He lived in California, Kansas, England and then back to California where he went to High School in Pomona, CA.  In 1970, he moved to N. Maine where he was married and divorced and started playing music out.

Jim moved to Flagstaff in late June 1977.  He started playing in different groups and bands at that time.  He also became a General Contractor and is still licensed. He started a sound company (Cross Sound) and has done the Folk Festival for quite a few years.  He has also worked with Old Blue Sound at the Pickin’ in the Pines and volunteered back stage for a number of years.

Dr. Henry Kaldenbaugh

Dr. Henry Kaldenbaugh grew up in Tucson and graduated from the University of Arizona. He spent his career in the Verde Valley as a Pediatrician. He retired from active medical practice in 2013.

He has worked as a campground volunteer at Pickin in the Pines since it’s first festival. For eleven years he was the campground host. He also volunteered for the Flagstaff Folk Festival and participated as a musician. His wife, Martha and he enjoy the campouts, concerts, and camaraderie of their friends in FFOTM.

He is running for one of the open seats on the Board of FFOTM because he loves acoustic music, loves being a part of FFOTM, and can be of help.

Ted Nation

Ted Nation moved to Munds Park May 1, 2015. He says he is a recent escapee from California.  The first three years were spent learning how to live in snow country.

He grew up in a traditional music household, primarily country music and bluegrass. He started teaching square dancing at the age of 9.  Twenty Seven years later he was done with teaching and calling square dancing.  However during those years he called and taught in most of the western states, also in Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana, and in Canada.  He was a member of two local callers associations as well as CALLERLAB, a worldwide callers association.  At multiple festivals he taught sessions on how to teach and keep a limited number of maneuvers interesting to dancers.  For CALLERLAB he taught a session on the same subjects because he was known for his teaching ability. He served as MC for National Square Dance Festivals, many smaller festivals, and wrote for three separate square dance magazines.

Prior to moving to Arizona Ted’s primary musical focus was in blues, standing in on harmonica with various blues bands in Southern California.  However he has played most styles of music. He also volunteered multiple years for the Spring Harp Fest, a La Mesa Ca fund raising harmonica festival to raise money for the local public school music programs.  He also volunteered several years for a music festival in the mountains east of San Diego.  Ted is a multi-instrument musician. His primary instrument is harmonica. He also plays clarinet, bass clarinet, bass guitar, 3-string cigar box guitar, sings, and writes music.  He has played, though is no longer proficient in guitar, and mandolin.  He recently has taken up dobro.

Locally Ted has performed as a band member with Just Deserts, the Flagstaff Contra Dance Music Band.  He jams with the bluegrass musicians at the Wednesday lunchtime jam.  He sometimes joins the open-mic jam session at the Timberline Tavern.  And has done stand in with the trio at Fat Olive’s, and with the Mother Road Trio playing harmonica and clarinet. Currently Ted is the harmonica teacher at Arizona Music Pro’s in Flagstaff. He has volunteered for Pickin’ In The Pines, and Blues and Brews.  He has performed at the Flagstaff Folk Festival, and at the 3rd Friday Folk Project.

David Wayne

I remember going to the first FFOTM meeting some 25 years ago; Tony Norris was the primary organizer. Since that time, I have been a member of FFOTM and have been involved in many successful FFOTM projects and events from helping to build the Fourth of July float and representing FFOTM in the parade to cooking breakfasts and barbeque dinners at the FFOTM campouts. I was the first to host ukulele workshops at the Flagstaff Folk Festival and continue to host workshops at Pickin’ in the Pines each year. As Pickin’ in the Pines began to grow, I successfully mapped out and expanded the RV site footprint thereby increasing needed revenue to the festival and meeting attendee needs. To better accommodate our campers, I assisted with reservations and managed the RV campground during the festival. For many years, I also coordinated and managed the FFOTM fundraiser pancake breakfast at Pickin’ in the Pines.
I ask for your vote so that as a board member I can bring my historical perspective to FFOTM. My desire is to inspire members to volunteer so that FFOTM can maintain the success of our programs and continue to provide quality acoustic music to the community. I am most interested in our festivals, campouts and workshop mentoring and, if elected, look forward to being involved in the decision making process essential to the success of FFOTM.

Please vote for 5 seats. You can vote by mail or email.
Votes must be received by Feb. 15, 2019.
Email your vote to:
Mail to:

PO Box 23366
Flagstaff, AZ 86002

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