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Flag Folk Project – Deb & Brad

February 16, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Unitarian Church
510 N Leroux St
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Flagstaff Folk Project

Brad Munns and Deb Hilton both came from broken homes, both moved to the big city at an early age and quickly fell in with the fast crowd (guys who play fast music). Brad and Deb both learned guitar, harvesting songs and picking up licks here and there and played music with who ever would play with them.

On separate tangents, they went around the world playing their fast music; Brad with Brad & The Plaid and Rye; Deb with The Porchlights and The New Dolorians. They knew it wasn’t right and after nearly 60 combined years of musical exploration, hard work, hard knocks and “woodshedding” they settled down. No, really! They got married and settled down almost 2 years ago.

These days, you can find Brad and Deb playing the clubs and on the street with who ever will still play with them, though some might say they still play things a little too fast. They have toned it down a bit in terms of volume, tempo, and colorful themes. Still the rock n’ roll comes through, tastefully and with a folk music flavor. Their tone-full, heartfelt, acoustic music is enjoyed by people of all ages and musical orientation.

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