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Fiddling Voyages connects our shared human roots through the taproot of old Ireland. Sailing through the moment, Wild Irish Fiddle (Kate Rose’s one-woman band) is a blend of County Clare fiddling, fusion, improvisation, banter, audience participation, and original compositions. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll connect; maybe you’ll dance, sing and leave with new inspirations, honoring your ancestors— Irish or not, such struggles and voyages are part of us all.
Fiddling Voyages features tunes about Irish immigration to the U.S., through melodies about places in Ireland, then sailing away, and finally places in the U.S.

About Kate: During her years in County Clare as a teenager, Kate experienced house gatherings little stone pubs and barns where people told stories, sang, danced, and played. She lived the rhythms of traditional farming, reaching the roots of this musical tradition through its landscapes and folk. She learned to move the listeners through loving each note and infusing ancient melodies with the lonesome touch of County Clare. Kate is also a member of Greenlaw Celtic Band, Just Desserts Contradance Band, Master Choir of Flagstaff, Threshold Choir, Circle Singing, and a teacher at BASIS Flagstaff.

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