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The mission of Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music (FFOTM) is to share, promote, preserve and present Bluegrass and other forms of traditional American Folk Music and Dance for the enrichment and enjoyment of our community.

Board Members

Ken Collier, President
Linda Mack, Treasurer
Jim Cross
Henry Kaldenbaugh
Rebecca Cooke
Paisley Boone
Jim Glish
Julie Sullivan Brace
Mike Thompson
Rich D’Aloisio


The FFOTM Board in 2023

FFOTM began as a small circle of friends, mostly musicians, who had a love of traditional music and dance in common. Thankfully those founders put in the effort needed to organize a ‘club’ in 1988 that ultimately was transformed into a non-profit in 2000. As a non-profit arts organization we have been honored and supported by many grants which have funded a variety of mission-focused activities. FFOTM hosts regular jams and bi-annual campouts. These are some of the best activities to learn, share and enjoy traditional music. See our Jams page for more information. Producing concerts for select, traditionally-rooted artists has always been an effort of FFOTM.

Our unique location in the mountains of Northern Arizona brings many touring musicians through Arizona, gig-bound from all over the country. The Flagstaff Folk Festival was born in 2002 and we currently partner with Flagstaff Cultural Partners and the Pioneer Museum, to run four stages, including workshop and jam areas. In 2013 we had 112 bands and performers!

Visit Flagstaff Folk Festival for more information.

In 2004 our beloved Young Jammers (YJ) program was created. Springing from the brains of Lloyd Holdeman and Christina Boyd the Young Jammers is a music education program specifically for young people, ages 9-16 years of age. The “jammers” as we refer to them are provided with instruments and instruction on a regular basis. See the Young Jammers page for more information.

In 2006, we bit off our largest program to date, producing the 1st Annual Pickin’ in the Pines Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival. We’re continually working hard as a volunteer organization to bring world-class national, regional and local talent to the magnificent stage and wooded setting of The Pepsi Amphitheater in the Ft. Tuthill County Park. Check out our stellar lineup for year nine!

Visit Pickin in the Pines for more information.

The best way to learn to about traditional music is to join us today. Get discounts on concerts and festival tickets, volunteer at our events, or just have some good old-fashioned fun, playing and singing, and dancing to traditional acoustic music with us.

See our Membership page for more information.

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