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Young Jammers Scholarship Program – Spring 2018


The Young Jammers Scholarship Program is about to start a new session in 2018. The program will start in January and continue through May. Applications are available now and are due no later than January 15.

The purpose of the Young Jammers Scholarship Program is to afford aspiring and deserving young musicians between the ages of 8-18 with an interest in studying guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, bass or violin the opportunity to do so. Former Young Jammers participants are encouraged to apply. Loaner instruments are available from FFOTM if needed. There will be 6 scholarships available for the January – May 2018 session.

This session, playing with other musicians, or jamming, will be afforded to students who are accepted into the program.  Three jams are scheduled for the upcoming session at Arizona Music Pro, 2pm – February 25, April 29 and May 27, with the final jam being open to the public. Students and parents who are unable to commit to attending at least 2 of these scheduled jams are requested to forego applying until the next Young Jammer session, which will start in the fall. Once accepted, students will receive $300 worth of lessons at either the Flagstaff School of Music or Arizona Music Pro.

In addition to attending a minimum of two jams, completion of lesson logs, to be completed by the student and instructor after each lesson, will be required. These lesson logs will be submitted to the FFOTM Young Jammers Committee upon completion of studies.

For additional information, inquiries or requests, please contact Peter Bruce at 928.556.2650 or email admin@ffotm.org.

History of the Young Jammers Program

FFOTM members wanted to provide opportunities for the youth of our community to learn to play a musical instrument to enrich their lives, and allow local musicians and FFOTM members to share their passion for music, passing on their joy of traditional music to a new generation.

The program was started by long-time FFOTM members Lloyd Holderman & Christina Boyd in 2004. They held weekly free classes for kids ages 8-18 to get together and jam. Terry Alan & his wife Bonnie Dumdei of Flagstaff School of Music took over in 2012 leading classes and presenting the Young Jammers in public performances. This is the basis of our music education, by putting what the students have learned into practice and sharing it with the community in which they dwell.

In 2013, the JAMMERS had a demonstration workshop & performance at Flagstaff Folk Festival, Pickin’ in the Pines, Heritage Square, Bookman’s and Flagstaff School and Music. They also opened up for IBMA Winner, Claire Lynch & her band and Beppe Gambetta & Peter Ostroushko. In 2014 the Young Jammers hosted monthly free workshops at Bookmans focusing on different instruments with different instructors each month, inviting jammers of all ages for great family jamming events. From 2015 to 2016, John Borham became the new director of the Young Jammers Program. Lessons took place at Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy, and the Steep Canyon Rangers even took a break from their busy tour to join us for a lesson and performance. In 2017, the program changed into a scholarship program. Busy students could apply for a 3 month scholarship and take lessons with the teacher of their choice at a time that fit into their schedule.

How it works

The FFOTM Young Jammers program provides this opportunity for young people between the ages of 8 and 18 to acquire and learn to play a musical instrument. No experience is necessary. The program provides instruments available on loan for those who need them. Everything is free, and students may apply for scholarships through FFOTM.

The Young Jammers program encourages local citizens who may have old or unused musical stringed instruments (fiddles, banjos, guitars, basses, mandolin, or dulcimers) sitting in their closets or attics to dig them out and donate them. These instruments will be distributed to youth between the ages of 8 and 18 who want to learn to play music and jam.

How You Can Help

Current instrument owners are asked to donate their old or used instruments to the cause of inspiring and nurturing the musical talent of our youth. Instruments in good condition will be picked up. Please email admin@ffotm.org to make arrangements. If an instrument has a unique history or story associated with it, please include a typed copy along with contact name and phone number so we may thank you.

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